Selfie of me on a mountain
Hey I'm Scott
I'm a guy who loves creating things for people and learning lots of stuff along the way.

I started my first company after teaching myself ML and SWE. I ran it while I was getting my masters from Columbia University in Chemical Engineering and Data Science.

I would scale up small dropshipping stores from scratch and sell then. Then I decided to help others to do the same, and generated over $100M in attributed revenue along the way.

now I help others grow more sustainably at higher velocity by creating an ecosystem of growth solutions to incubate success. (If you're curious what I'm working on, check my home page)

my interests are in technology and creative stuff — But I also really like art, games, fitness, and food.

I use a lot of AI, marketing, and data to rapidly grow ideas into businesses. And now I share everything I learn for free 2-4 times a month here.

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